Monday, November 21, 2011

Good News Today!!!

One of my BEST friends (his name is Jack) will be coming to see me next Thursday!! I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited!!! I'm so proud of him too! Tomorrow is his test for his army stuff, and I know he is going to do so well! I am so PROUD of you Jack!! You are doing an amazing thing and Mike and I are behind you 110%! I also can not WAIT to see you next week! It's going to be amazing to talk and hang out and celebrate mike's b-day together!! Wow I've used A LOT of exclamation points LMAO!
Anyway, not too much going on here - Ashley, Ben, and I did some heavy lifting and cleaning today. We switched bedrooms and you should have seen the mess! It looked like the apartment had exploded!! It took us 3/4 hours to complete, but everyone is happy and both rooms look great!!
Other than that life in PA is going on as usual. Thanksgiving is this week, so Mike and I (with the help of Ashley) are both busy helping my Nana getting ready for the HUGE diner on Thursday. It's the first time in a VERY long time that the whole family will be there. As you can imagine (for those readers who know), emotions are running high for me because i know I will be seeing Peter (my father). It has been very nerve wracking for me, but I'm coping as best I can. My deep breathing exercises have really come in handy when it comes to the panic attacks that happen if i think about it too much! I'm sure all will run smoothly though. I have my husband to support me, plus my amazing grandparents, aunts and uncles, and of course my mom and dad (Scott) are only a phone call away!!
Anyway - I'm getting sleepy so I think I'm going to call it a night. Everyone sleep well tonight, and for those readers who are work the night shift, have a good night at work!!
As Always...Keep Reading, I'll Keep Writing

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

*Wonderful Wednesday*

Today i woke up later then I wanted to, but i havent been sleeping well, so i guess it wasnt a bad thing. My phone was actually the culprit - but i'm not complaining, cause it was my husband calling me (which i love!). So I answered my phone, and i was told to get up, get dressed and look outside cause their was a surprise for me! I love surprises, so i did what he asked, and as i went to open my front door, he walked through it :)!! He made my entire day 1,000,000 times better!! He had to set moniters on a car (a job that can take a while) so he drove all the way home to give me a hug and a kiss!!! I have dubbed him the best husband ever! Seriously, he came home to give me a kiss!! I really do love my husband, he knows how to make me happy! So it was a good start to today!
Otherwise things have been pretty normal around here. Tanya and Lonnie came for a visit for a few days, which is always fun! We went shopping and ate some amazing food and just had a really really good time together. I'm excited to go visit her in the Key's very soon. I want to know what paradise is like. The other visit we had involved a little driving and a few nerevs. Mike and I went to see my father in Annapolis. It was a lot of fun, which i think neither of us expected. I'm not goign to bore anyone with the family details, but i did get to hold my new baby sister and she is soooooooo tiny and soooooooooo cute!!! I love little Victoria :)!
Not much to do around here today. Have to do a little cleaning as usual, do a load or two of laundry, make dinner, and enjoy the CMA's tonight with everyone! I think ashley and I might head over to the mall to see whats going on over there. You never know what happens when you get bored of doing house work!
Have a good day my bloggers! I'll start writing more often now, especially since it is getting to be holiday time and i'm sure there are a million things i'm going to have to write about!
Keep Reading, I'll keep Writing :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Again

Hey Readers, i know it's been a while since i've written and i'm sorry. I keep saying I'm going to and then something else comes up. I'm still learning to be a good wife. I'm not going to lie to you guys, marriage is not an easy thing (neither is a relationship, but I say marriage because that's where I am in my life). It take takes blood sweat and tears ( and a little elbow grease to top it all off lol ). Sometimes it's amazing and it's the best thing ever, and sometimes it hurts like hell, but you gotta take the good with the bad.
LADIES- i'm learning that guys don't very willingly tell you if they are hurting or upset. It comes out as anger or that they don't care. My advice would be to give them a little time to let them be. Let them watch football, or car shows or something they like on tv. Let them have a beer, or something they like. Let them be moody for a little, but go to them after a while. Ask them if they are okay..ask them if they want to talk.If they don't want to talk, then let them be. But just remember, eventually they will need to talk and you MUST be there. Listen, don't comment or talk about your day. Don't give them your input. Just LISTEN, and when they ask you for you opinion, tell them kindly what you you think. It makes you not go crazy wondering what is on their mind, if they are mad at you, or if something is wrong. Chances are it's NOT you. It saves you from fighting too. And always remember, you do have friends. If you feel you are going to go crazy not knowing-call, text, aim, fb chat, email (or in my case go into the other room) and talk to them. If you have a good friend, who knows you well, you will be fine.
GUYS - It's the little things in life that make a girl happy. Remembering to kiss them when you get home from work, buying them a flower for no reason, telling your special lady that she is beautiful (i don't give two shits if you think she should just know - YOU NEED TO SAY IT), doing something you know she likes, even though you may not, opening a door for her, saying thank you when she does something for you (even if she does it every day), letting her know you appreciate her, letting her vent to you when she has had a bad day and not blowing her off sayng to just get over it (trust me, it makes us feel worse). There's a million other things that I could say , but i can't give you guys everything, that wouldn't be fair.
So i know that this post has been a lot of advice (and yes maybe there are hints in there for some people) and i'm sorry, but today i felt that's what needed to be said. Anyway, I'll let everyone go for now. I'll be posting a video of me and Toni later tonight or tomorrow before i leave for my in-laws camp.I'll be posting everyday from now on, and i promise it wont all be sad or lectures. :) (see a smiley face!)

As Always, Keep Reading, I'll Keep Writng

<3 - Liz

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wasted Wednesday........

....more like wasted in the sense that I slept through half of it .Whoops! I guess the getting up early for two days combined with the not going to bed 'til late the same two days, and lack of caffeine, made me crash. One minute i was watching Grey's Anatomy (yes, i'm still loyally watching, for those of you who have been reading religiously) the next minute im waking up at 2:55 wondering how my body could sleep so long during the day! I am one of those people who loves the idea of taking an afternoon nap, but who can never do it. I always get distracted by something. So i guess today my body said your done, and I got some extra sleep. Not a bad idea, since I have to work tomorrow, get my hair and nails done Friday along with cleaning the apartment, bathing the kitten again (the flea shampoo works very well, but we had some flees on our furniture, which of course got onto her) flea bomb the apartment so we get rid of the fleas on the furniture, make sure Hub's suit is ready to go for the party the next day, pack for the three day weekend at the beach, and come up with something quick and easy for dinner Friday night since we are going out with the roomies and some friends to a bar at midnight so I can have my first legal drink :-D!! I'm very excited about that last one on Friday!!!
Saturday is going to be just as busy, but in a different way. More like and excited, happy, buzzing around busy. As most of you readers know my 21st Birthday (WOOHOO!!) is on Saturday. What some may know, but some may not, is that my Grandparents have been married for 50 years on Friday (21 years ago I got to be their anniversary gift, the first born grandchild and first female born into the family in 26 years :-D). My Grandparents are headed out for a private dinner arranged by my uncles Friday night, and I'm hoping they will have a good and relaxing time (they DESERVE it), but Saturday, the ENTIRE family (and some very close friends including my grandmothers Maid of Honor) will be coming together for a renewal of their vows and a luncheon Anniversary Party. I was very excited for all of this, and then my Pop-pop called to tell me that they would also be honoring me since it's my 21st birthday as well (yes i teared up). I'm excited to go and see my family and old family friends, but i'm also excited for what comes after. The Hubs and I are joining the family at their beach house for the long weekend!! We are hitting a couple of different bars Saturday night, including one in Wildwood to meet up with his boss to have a drink, and then Sunday, my family is having a little party for me at the beach house (cookout, cake, presents, ect.) and yes, i'll probably hit one more bar that night :-D. All in all i'm going to have  busy next few days, which brings me back to what I was saying when i started writing, maybe it is a good idea my body conked out. I'm actually getting tired just reading over everything i'll be doing!
Well, I'm going to go watch a little more Grey's Anatomy now, and i promise promise PROMISE i will do another update tonight!
I'll keep writing - YOU keep reading!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gunpowder and Lead...

....I love that song. It shows that girls can be just as bad as the boys. The song says it all - mess with me and I'll kick your ass :-D!!
Hubby Is not feeling so well tonight, he actually just went to lay down. His tummy is giving him problems :(. I can't really do anything to help him but I wish I could. I gave him ginger ale and gas ex, and i think i'm gunna give him some pepto next.
So tonight i dyed Toni's hair. Benji and I like it but Mike (hubby for those of you who haven't heard his name yet) didn't like it as much. I think it looks good, and she has joined team Brunette!! YAY!!
So, i'm talking to my Big Brother on facebook. He has a very, very special place in my heart. He's the ONLY person in the world I allow to call me munchkin. I actually tell people who call me munchkin not too, cause it's big bro's nick name for me. I haven't seen my brudder in a few years now due to him being in the Navy. While I love the fact that he serves our country, i get depressed from time to time because he sometimes misses the big things, like the fact that i'm turning 21 in 6 days (bro, that means get your ass here and have a drink with me cause i know your reading this!!!!). Anyway, i love him dearly - even though he picks on me!! :-P
Not too much else going on around here. Toni and I are having lunch with the grandparents tomorrow. It'll be a nice treat for all of us and i'm excited :)! Were also waiting to see how bad this Hurricane/Tropical storm hits us. I've heard everything from evacuation to a slight drizzle, so I guess I will see what tomorrow brings.
Well, I think it's time for me to hit the sack. Hub's is already in our room and my computer is about to die and i need to bring it in there to be charged (it's got a VERY low battery).
I will keep everyone updated on the Hurricane/Tropical storm situation here. Everyone pray for that we are safe and that it doesn't cause too much damage to anyone or anything!!
As always, I'll keep writing, YOU keep reading!!
P.S. -  I'm saying a very special goodnight to a special someone who wishes to remain nameless. Sleep well and we will talk tomorrow :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Countdown Begins

SO, today my countdown to my 21st Birthday has begun. It's wierd to think that in 8 days I will be able to walk into a bar, a liquor store, a beer distributor, and a club and be able to drink. As anyone would know, these last few days seem to crawl by at a snails pace. It's frustrating, but it will be well worth the long wait. I know the hubs has a few things planned to make it an awesome birthday (some that i know, some that i don't) so i am REALLY excited!!
Today I found out that I have some Floridian Fans! I got really excited to here that! So my floridian fans, thank you!! Please keep reading!!
Right now i'm having a slow boring day. I'm off from work 'til Monday, I cleaned my room yesterday, the family room is clean, the kitchen  is clean, although i'm sure i can run the dishwasher once, My clothes are folded, and i actually ave everything in its place. The only thing i need to do is laundry, which i can't because there is no money on the laundry card! Looks like it's a Grey's Anatomy marathon day!!
Anyway, not much going on right now. I'll keep the blog up all day and update as things happen. Were supposed to get parts of the hurricane around here, which means going to the beach this weekend is not optional :(!
Keep Reading - I'll keep writing :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

as i was saying...

Remeber those bad days i mentioned yesterday? The one's that make the good days that much sweeter - yeah, today was a good day, and then hubs came home and just shot that to hell. When we make plans, i expect him to REMEMBER them. If I have to remember everything on his schedule, why can't he remember the one night that is supposed to be date night?
I just don't get it - now i'm miserable - my good day has been shattered because of his lousy attitude and his forgetfullness. Listen up hubby, if you've had a bad day at work, tell me about it. I'm here to listen to you problems and help make you feel better. I DO NO deserve to get an attitude.